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"Our relationship with our body, is like a good relationship or friendship.  We get to know each other over time.  We start making choices that support its growth and we support its needs".

Breathe: Dr Ela Manga

Meet Amelia
Alison Hurt Head & Shoulders

Meet Alison Hurt

Wellness Coach

I believe that the first step of your journey towards a healthier life is recognising the need to invest in yourself.  With a coach you gain a thinking partner who will help you strategise and hold you accountable to make the necessary changes that will nudge you towards optimum wellness and vitality.

Holistic Health

The Way to Wellness

Mindful Moderation

Vital Vitality 

I provide individual coaching sessions that will give you the tools to help restore balance and well-being with a focus on self-care. If you are looking to regain energy, sleep more soundly, reach your ideal weight, improve  your diet and exercise and make the necessary changes to put your health centre-stage of your life, I can partner with you to make this sustainable change one step at a time. Working with commitment and an open heart you will come to recognise the best version of yourself. 

Cultivate habits to master your health and energy.

Alison had an uncanny ability to hone in on my mental blocks and obstacles. She saw them, described them and named them. Some of them disappeared the moment they were recognised, others needed a little more work, but the overall result has been quite liberating!

Ingrid, RSA

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