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About Me.

Alison getting kisses from her dog.

I think the starting point of my health journey was a 10-minute consultation with a doctor and a script for anti-depressants. Feeling deeply unseen and unheard this didn’t feel like a cure and so began my investigation into what makes me feel healthy and vital.  My own experience has over the years enabled me to put myself under the microscope and closely examine my responses to nutrition, exercise, sleep and emotions. I have explored many different healing modalities and noticed the shifts that take place in my mind and body and I now understand the empowerment of self-care and self-awareness. By choosing to make some changes along the way, I continue to learn what my body needs and how to soften the anxiety that comes with being an introvert and a highly sensitive person in a world that can often feel overwhelming and chaotic.

I am equipped to teach women how to hear themselves; how to listen to the whispers of their bodies and minds and give themselves permission to realise these aspects of themselves. Learning to speak our truth is a powerful way of guiding ourselves towards wellbeing. If our nervous systems are constantly on high alert, we will eventually burn out and I would like to teach women that it is possible to live life differently, honouring ourselves and gently moving towards better health.



Health Coaching Academy (UK)


Mindful Schools (USA)




Mindful Schools (USA)


Mindful Schools (USA)


Nancy Kline

Diploma in Health Coaching

Difficult Emotions Course

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program

Mindful Educator Essentials

Introduction to Mindfulness

The Thinking Partnership Course - Time to Think


The Coaching Centre


The Coaching Centre

Graduated 1987

University of Cape Town

Diploma in Life Coaching Skills

Certificate in Life Coaching Skills

Bachelor of Social Science

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