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The Way to Wellness

Citrus Fruits

I provide individual coaching sessions that will give you the tools to help restore balance and well-being with a focus on self-care. I can show you how to support your body with good nutrition, adequate sleep, exercise and mental health practices. Together we will examine the roles you play in your life and what gives you your sense of purpose and joy so that you come to recognise the best version of yourself. 

Holistic Health

Wellness is explored by examining all aspects our lives and recognizing what is out of balance. When something is out of balance it will deplete you and the impact will be felt in other areas of your life too.  For example, if you are sleep deprived for a prolonged period of time it makes sense that your relationships, work, energy levels and health will begin suffer.  Shifting one behaviour has a  positive ripple effect into enhancing other areas of our lives.

Mindful Moderation

Have you recently received a medical diagnosis that demands you make immediate lifestyle changes and it feels overwhelming?

Are you a mother constantly drained and exhausted wondering how you could cope better?

Perhaps you are feeling lonely and slightly purposeless since your kids left home?

Are you feeling stagnant and not sure how to reclaim your vitality?

Vital Vitality 

Blood Sugar Balancing to eliminate energy slumps during the day, reset gut health and stabilise mood.

Creating a Wellness Vision.

Balancing your energy input and output.

Keeping a food diary to fully understand your eating habits and associated emotions and menu planning to save you time in the week.

Mindfulness and journaling tools.

Six Pillars of Lifestyle.

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